Raidmax Enigma S14 Chassis Review

Enigma: Paradox in a Box?

Today we will be taking a look at the Enigma chassis from none other than Raidmax. In this review we will attempt to unravel the mystery of the Enigma and decide whether or not this chassis can stand tall and provide a feature set that can challenge the competition in the sub-$100 price range.


With the Enigma chassis, Raidmax is promising a design that is chic and elegant while retaining quality craftsmanship using sturdy steel. The Enigma supports a range of liquid cooling options while leaving enough space to maintain your system. All this and more, for under $90 USD. Did Raidmax live up to their promises? Read the rest of the review to find out!


I would like to thank Raidmax for providing this review sample! Here is what Raidmax has to say about themselves on their website:


Raidmax was founded in 1988 with the mission of providing the best solutions: specifically, meeting your requirements for innovative designs, excellent performance and quality products.

In early 2003, Raidmax was the first to debut the design “Scorpio”: an alien eye shape on its general front panel. At the time, it was the best ever hit in the gaming case business and almost every factory had owned at least one similar design back in China. Two years later, Raidmax released another cutting-edge design, Samurai, and people who had seen the case itself instantly fell in love.

After numerous global feedback, Raidmax is known all over the world. It is said our company is not only a case designer but also the perfect budget keeper. You can simply spend a little but you receive higher quality than you expect. 

It has been more than 10 years since Raidmax began its work on its unique product lines and market position. The name of Raidmax is synonymous to gaming design and budget cases. In the United States, Raidmax is considered to be a major brand in this regard; in Asia, it is said that only Raidmax can offer the budget cases with great designs; in Europe, with almost no brand management, Raidmax’ followers are still showing their loyal support in many ways.

Now let us see what the Raidmax Enigma chassis is all about!

You can buy the Raidmax Enigma S14 Chassis for around USD $85 from Amazon –


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