Thermaltake Armor Revo Chassis Review


Photos, A Closer Look

On the bottom there is room for a 120mm or 140mm fan as well as plenty of intake area for a PSU that ranges from small to goliath. The PSU can be mounted fan or up fan down. The feet can be rotated so the don’t stick out, if you prefer. The fan filter pulls out quite easily for cleaning.



On the side there is a window and, set nice and low for CPU cooler clearance, a 200mm fan.



If you look you can see something sticking out from the side of the case close to the top/front IO panel…


It’s built to hold your headphones so you don’t have to dump them on your desk. So says the manual at least. It’s an interesting concept, I won’t being using it personally as I don’t have headphones, but if you do Thermaltake has you covered.


Up top there is room for a 200mm fan (pre-installed) as well as a 92mm/120mm fan (optional).



With the power on this character lights up:



As do the fans, if you turn their LEDs on:


The fans are a lovely deep blue color. Perfect in my opinion.


From the rear it looks like a case. Done in black rather than white for some reason.


Three openings for water cooling stuff, enough for two hoses and a bundle of wires. The steep overhand where the 140MM rear exhaust fan sits over the rear IO panel makes disconnecting Ethernet cables difficult if your motherboard puts the Ethernet port right up top. Luckily for me ASRock put the ports lower down on my Z77 Professional so it is not an issue.

Thermaltake includes plenty of accessories as well, a faceplate for a 3.5″ drive to mount as an external drive in a 5.25″ bay, an adaptor to do the mounting, tons of cable ties, a CPU power extension cable, and lots of individually bagged screws. The individually bagged screws are really nice.




I think it’s time to open the case and install some hardware, don’t you?


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