Thermaltake LCD Panel Kit Snow Review (for The Tower 500)

Today, we’ll take a quick look at the Thermaltake LCD Panel Kit Snow (for the Tower 500 chassis). This LCD panel kit features a 3.9” LCD display, and can be controlled using Thermaltake’s TT RGB Plus 2.0 software to gain full control of performance monitoring and personalized effects.

I’ve seen plenty of LCD screens for sale on Ebay, Amazon and AliExpress. All of them promised to AIDA64 compatibilty and customizations to display system health and more. But the truth, these LCD displays are cumbersome to configure, and uses proprietry software that’s not compatible with any of the software provided by your motherboard or cooling devices.



If you own a Thermaltake Tower 500 chassis, then this LCD panel kit is a great add-on to bring your system alive! It matches perfectly with the chassis and you don’t have worry about compatibility issues. The LCD display can be controlled using Thermaltake’s TT RGB Plus 2.0 software for full control of performance monitoring and personalized effects.


I’m sure many of you already know who Thermaltake is but in case you don’t here’s some info on the company.

Our Mission – Delivering the perfect user experience

Every myth starts out as a dream, and at the beginning of every legend is a desire. The challenging, creative and competitive features of the Thermaltake Group offer an exciting and fascinating user experience that can be shared by everyone, while allowing users to transcend themselves in terms of function and potential.

Thermaltake Group’s three main brands—Thermaltake, Tt eSPORTS and LUXA2—have been merchandising high-quality products throughout the world, successfully establishing firm footholds in six major markets, including Europe, America, Oceania, Japan and China, with 95 regional distributors and more than 4,000 premium retailers.

All product planning is governed by close observation of the global PC peripheral market, and by keen understanding of consumer demands. Thermaltake creates direct contact opportunities with resellers and consumers by participating in major global ICT exhibitions and trade shows every year, and by developing innovative marketing strategies for the promotion of new products. Meanwhile, Thermaltake has incorporated a composite marketing system by making branch offices and regional distributors both the distribution channel and the technical support or service center, thereby providing customers access to instant support. By maintaining close contact with end users, we have managed to strengthen our corporate competitiveness and create momentum for the kind of growth that generates major accomplishments.

You can buy the Thermaltake LCD Panel Kit Snow Review (for The Tower 500) for around USD $99.99 from Amazon –


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