X2 RINDJA ATX Chassis Review

Closer Look

Reviewed version of X2 RINDJA is whole black. There is also red version which was released a bit later and it wasn’t available when we received black version.


On the front and top of the case is mesh which let cold air get inside. On the front we can find X2 logo which is painted and I think it wasn’t the best idea. Most manufacturers are using stickers which look much better.

On the front there are also two USB 3.0 ports and audio 3.5″ jacks.


Left side of the case has nice looking window which is just the right size to see everything what is interesting inside the case. Inside we can install all ATX size and smaller motherboards. It will also support a bit larger motherboards than ATX but it’s not guaranteed by manufacturer.

What I really like is PSU bay. We can install any ATX PSU, even these longest units. Most cables will be hidden and won’t need any special managing. Also if PSU doesn’t match your other components color or style then you simply won’t see it.


Since it’s hard to make good photo of the fans then here is one from manufacturer’s website which is showing how many LEDs fans have. You can count on really bright light. Fans are also pretty quiet but I wouldn’t count on high air pressure. They’re designed clearly to help in airflow in the case.

Drives can be installed vertically what is good idea as it saves space and helps in airflow. There is no optical drive bay but nowadays barely anyone is using optical drives for something else than reinstalling operating system or installing drivers in new PC.

What I like is that all front panel cables are black. Many brands are still saving on that and we get standard multi-color cables which don’t fit to anything. Here all these cables maybe don’t have additional sleeving but are whole black and not separated so look good enough.

On the back if the case we can install 120mm fan which is actually preinstalled. Except that there is nothing unusual and back is reminding me rather cheap cases from lower series.

Even though X2 RINDJA is a gaming case, it’s pretty simple. We won’t get any special features. Also materials used for this case are rather standard. You can just feel the plastic and thin steel sides. Even weight can tell you something about it. In the specs we can see 4.6 kg while competitive gaming cases weight is starting from about 7 kg.


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