Aerocool DS Fans Review (120mm & 140mm)

Aerocool Dead Silence 03

Meet the Aerocool Dead Silence fan series ….

These fans didn’t have their names stolen, I tested them on an old PSU and the only thing that was bothering me was the fan of the PSU and my own PC fans, I really need to change them soon and I am really considering a pair of these, they are quiet, have led’s and move enough air.

There are 8 different varieties of the DS fans, 120mm versions in Black, Blue, Red and white and a 140mm versions in Black, Blue, Red and white

I Doubt there are many readers who don’t know or never heard about Aerocool, but for those who haven’t a little bit of information from their site:


AeroCool Advanced Technologies (AAT) was founded in 2001. At the earlier stage of operation we were committed to share our technical expertise and innovative design in providing total-solution for thermal management in industrial and personal computers.


With our solid and innovative design experience in thermal engineering, AAT was the first company to adapt U-shape heat pipe and heat column (1″ diameter heat pipe) technologies to CPU cooler design for desktop computer. These new applications became a trend and leading the market in heat pipe application in desktop computer industry. Our unique and innovative design also made “AEROCOOL” as one of the favorite brand name in over-clocking and PC DIY (Do-It-Yourself) market.


With this successful experience in thermal products, AAT has expanded its product lines to computer peripherals such as computer case, fan, mutli-function control panel and power supply etc. With our creative thinking and innovative design, we had launched some successful PC cases and multi-function control panels (for example, we were the first company to introduce “Double-Bay” (2 standard 5-1/4″ bay) front panel controller).


Today Aerocool is one of the market leaders in the “Gaming Market”. Our strong brand and product image are well received by gamers and enthusiasts world-wide. We offer a full line of performance products including gaming cases, gaming PSUs, gaming mouse, gaming headsets, gaming keyboard, gaming headsets, Multi-functional panels and fans. Aerocool will continue to innovate and deliver the best user experience to gamers world-wide.

Be Cool !! Be Aerocool !!!”


I also recommend checking out Aerocool’s Website they have all kinds of cool products


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