ARCTIC Accelero S1 PLUS – GPU Cooler Review


Arctic was kind enough to send me their new Accelero S1 PLUS to review.  I’ve previously used the S1 V2 and was quite impressed, so I was excited to get the newest version of the S1 to play with.




The big thing with the S1 is that it is passive, no fans required for many GPUs!  No fans means no noise and no noise means a happy me.  For higher end cards Arctic says you’ll need a fan on it, they sell a fan module specifically for that purpose as well.



Before we go too far, lets see what Arctic has to say about their philosophy.

Our Philosophy

In the rapidly changing computer and electronics industries, we keep a cool head while concentrating on intelligent and practical solutions.

Our philosophy in approaching our work is based on the Swiss principles of innovation and high levels of quality and workmanship.

All ARCTIC employees embody our motto and our advertising slogan – Spirit of innovation. Not only economic considerations dictate our actions, but also the will to innovate.

We respect the cultural diversity of the people who work for and with ARCTIC, and recognize that our success is due to their abilities and commitment. The ARCTIC team works with passion, adores challenges and always seeks to achieve maximum customer satisfaction.


Our Mission

We specialize in products representing carefully devised, practical solutions that are easy to use. We make our customers’ daily lives easier and adapt our products to their lifestyles. The excellent value for money we offer is a constant that our customers can always rely on.





OK, we’ll installing the ARCTIC Accelero S1 Plus on my somewhat dated but quite loud and hot Geforce 8800GT 512MB. We’ll see if the S1 PLUS with no fan can beat the screaming fan in the stock cooler.  Let’s head onward to features and specs.


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