ARCTIC i30 Heatsink Review


Verdict and Conclusion

The ARCTIC i30 is certainly a nice heatsink. Performance is not as good as one of those heatsinks that cover half a motherboard, but then again it does not cover half of a motherboard either.

Memory clearance can be a problem if you are planning on using all four memory slots. 

The last three fit memory on a Z77 board with no issues, but if you are planning on running four sticks of ram you will be out of luck due to the size that the shroud adds.

Shopping around, the i30 can be found for around $40 shipped to your door. I’ve got to say that price is pretty solid. Performance for the buck is solid.

Top performance is not achieved, but you also don’t pay the price premium for a top performer.




This heatsink should be good enough on any Intel chips out there, including those big heat producing Hex-core socket 2011 chips. 



  • Good bang for the buck
  • Works with all Intel sockets
  • quiet fan
  • Good built quality
  • Solid temperatures, even overclocked



  • Fan blades are super sharp
  • Mounting could be a little easier


With companies jumping on the bandwagon of making heatsinks the size of a small motherboard, it is nice to see Arctic make a reasonable sized heatsink that still performs well. The thermal paste included is top notch, yet this heatsink does not break the bank. Overall, it is a solid choice for someone looking to do some overclocking without spending too much money on cooling.







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