Evercool Venti HPQ-12025 CPU Cooler Review


Testing and Results

Maybe all is not lost.  The Venti might redeem itself through performance numbers:





The test system is again:

  • Intel Core i7 3770k
  • Asus Maximus V Gene
  • 8gb Patriot Viper Extreme 1600mhz
  • Silverstone 700w Modular Power Supply

The 3770K will be run at a mild overclock and a higher overclock:

  • 4.1ghz with 1.15v Core
  • 4.5GHz with 1.3v Core.




Again we’ll be using the standard metric of idle and load temperature(s) minus the ambient temperature.

4.1Ghz Testing


Yeah, it’s not exactly looking that way.   But to be fair, I wasn’t really expecting divine perfection.  The scores are really just about average, and it actually is a few degrees cooler than some of the others we’ve reviewed at the same speed and voltage.  I’d say it’s about right for a low to mid-range heatsink.

But that’s obviously just the stock setting, let’s see how it performs with a higher load.





Here you can see things really start to heat up, no pun intended at all.  The Venti doesn’t exactly leave the competition in the dust.  It comes close to borderline excessive temperatures, so if you’re extremely picky about having fairly-high temps then it may not the best for heavy-duting gaming, let alone benching. 



Noise Level

The fan really kicks in during a full load, and it’s a noticeable bump from the stock speed.  It’s not terribly loud, but it is distinguishable from other sounds unless your hard drive is equally loud.  Overall, I can’t say it’s one of the worst features; in fact, it’s really negligable for the most part.



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