Gigabyte AORUS WATERFORCE X II 360 ICE All-in-One CPU Cooler Review



As you can see from the packaging, the box is fairly large. Inside you’ll find the Gigabyte AORUS WATERFORCE X II 360 ICE AIO Liquid Cooler and all the items needed for installation, including the CPU mounting brackets for Intel CPUs – Intel 115x,1200,1700 and AMD TR4, AM5, AM4, sTR5. There’s also a tube of thermal paste, the EZ-Chain magnetic cable and bunch of screws for the fittings.


A Closer Look

The AIO cooler comes with a large CPU waterblock with 2 cables coming out of it. These are not your regular 4-pin PWM fan or 3-pin ARGB cables. One of the cables is for SATA power and the other has a USB header that connects to the motherboard. These cables are needed to power the large 60 x 60mm full color LCD display, and also the pump, which is 8% larger and offers a offers a massive 44% increase in flow rate.

The tubing has a length of around 450mm, and it’s wrapped in a braided nylon sleeve, which make it robust and flexible.


The radiator is pretty slim at only 27mm thick, but the CPU waterblock has a large copper base and measures 87.6 x 87.6 x 77.7mm.


The Cooling Fans

Included with the package are 3 ARGB cooling fans featuring Gigabyte’s Fan EZ-Chain Mag design, that allows for a fast and easy installtion via a daisy chain setup. No more wires means less clutter.

These cooling fans comes with a new fan blade design which helps to increase airflow up to 72 CFM with a maximum noise level of only 37.5 dBA.


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