Kiss Quiet I-Bat 120mm Cooling Fan Review

Cooling plays a very important role in computing. Components can run hot and the heat must be dissipated efficiently. Noise is usually a concern so we tend to look for quieter solutions. Cost can also play a deciding factor for those who are on a budget. Today we will take a look at Kiss Quiet’s I-Bat 120mm cooling fan to see how it performs.


I would like to thank parent company Maxux for providing the Kiss Quiet review sample. Here’s a little bit about Maxux from their website:


kiss quiet logo

Maxux began operation in 1987 with the goal of providing innovative solutions for transformer and coil production lines. The Company operates form it’s headquarters in Taipei, Taiwan, with sales offices throughout the world and manufacturing facilities in Dong Guan, China.

MAXUX achieves impressive sales and marketing owing to its efforts of keeping pace with the growth of the electronics industry in the past decade by growing it’s product line to a wide selection of electronic products. So far, MAXUX has been offering more than 300 kinds of products and creating 50 new products on a yearly average. 

I recommend checking out Kiss Quiet’s Website for their full line of products.


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