Noctua Redux and industrialPPC Fan Review Round Up

4-Pin Low-Noise Adapters and Anti-Vibration Mounts

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The NA-SRC7 is a fan accessory set consisting of three fully sleeved NA-RC7 Low Noise Adaptors (LNA) for Noctua 4-pin PWM fans. Connected between the fan and the power source, the adaptors reduce the running speed and noise emission of the fans. The NA-SRC7 is ideal for slowing down Noctua’s Redux edition fans (see speed tables). Caution: The NA-RC7 adaptors are not compatible with Noctua’s industrialPPC series. The purpose of the low-noise adapter cables are to reduce the voltage sent to the fans, in turn limiting the RPM at which they will spin. The low-noise adapters will prevent the fans from spinning over 1200 RPM. This accessory is a nice added bonus from Noctua.




The NA-SAV2 is a fan accessory set consisting of twenty NA-AV2 Anti-Vibration Mounts for up to five fans. Replacing standard fan screws, the NA-AV2 mounts allow for a convenient, quick and vibration-free installation of fans in standard chassis fan mounting holes. The double-side design makes the NA-AV2 easier to work with in space restricted environments and thanks to the use of premium grade rubber, these mounts are extra soft and highly tear-proof at the same time. Switching standard fan screws for NA-AV2 mounts can drastically reduce structure-borne noises and makes this set a perfect complement for Noctua’s Redux and industrialPPC fans!

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There we have it! The Redux and industrialPCC fans brought to us by Noctua! Let us cover a few final thoughts and conclusion of our review.


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