Phanteks PH-TC14PE CPU Cooler Review


I must confess that up until quite recently I had never heard of Phanteks. Now, obviously, I have. Not only have I heard of them I’ve talked to someone at the company and convinced them to send me the huge blue thing you see above for testing.

Will it beat the Frio Extreme and take over as the #1 cooler for my Ivy Bridge Core i7 3770k? We shall see. It certainly looks glorious.



Before we go to far we’ll give the customary space for Phanteks to tell us about them selves, courtesy of their About Us webpage.


Company Profile

 Phanteks, is a company with more than 20 years international experience in providing thermal solutions. From specialists in providing thermal solutions we have now expanded to a company offering multiple product solutions.

With our thorough technical skills and marketing expertise, we fully optimize the products with thermal possibilities and capabilities. We have always been able to achieve the maximum due to our passion in finding and discovering new technical developments. Phanteks design team which has a base in Europe situated in Holland, consists of creative researchers, designers and developers have always been successful in spotting the exact needs of gamers. This results in our quality products.

Our expertise means no job is impossible, and that every customer is given a professional and personal service that is rare in today’s marketplace. We meet our customers expectations with superior products, customer service and industry knowledge.




In case you haven’t noticed in past reviews, I tend to harass companies about absolute declarations. Phanteks says that their expertise means no job is possible. Given that, I’d like them to build an orbital tether.

This review isn’t about orbital tethers (it’s hard to review something that does not exist, though some sites seem to manage it somehow) though, so I’ll stick to the massive gloriously blue heatsink sitting in front of me. By in front of me I mean in my case, acting as my new 24/7 CPU cooler. I’m getting ahead of myself here, let’s check out some features and specifications.



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