Scythe Kabuto 3 CPU Cooler Review

In today’s review we will present high performance processor cooler from Scythe which will have its premiere in couple of days. Scythe Kabuto 3 is a refreshed version of popular top-flow cooler which is perfect for specific configurations, where popular tower design would have some problems with airflow. Of course this design is also great for any standard builds.

Presented cooler is designed to work with all Intel series since 775 socket up to 1151 so the latest Skylake generation but is also compatible with AMD series based on AM2/3+ and FM1/FM2 sockets. It doesn’t support 2011/2011-3 sockets.

Our performance tests will be based on Intel i7 6700K processor so the highest CPU available from the latest Intel Skylake series. It’s also really popular processor used by gamers who will be probably the most interested in our results.

Let’s move forward and take a look what Scythe has to say about its latest cooler.



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Top Mount Fan Structure

The unique “top-mount fan” design provides effective cooling to the voltage regulator modules and chipsets, thus extending the life span of those components.

GlideStream 120 PWN Fan

With its proven “small hub & large fins” design and its grooved fan blades, contributing to even less air resistance, Scythe GlideStream 120 PWM produces significantly higher air flow than conventional fans. The fan speed is adjusted to perfect balance between performance and low noise level.



New Generation Clip System

The new mounting system for the Kabuto 3 was developed with simple procedure and high compatibility in mind. The light weight of the heatsink provides advantage of push-pin mounting when being applied on Intel sockets. The instalation can be done fast and easy.

High Quality Base Structure

The base is made of a bottom copperplate in considerable thickness, with grooves shaped in accordance with 6mm heat pipes to make the plate and heatpipes more fit and tight for fully and efficient conducting the heat from CPU to heatpipes.


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