Xigmatek Prime SD1484 CPU Cooler Review


A few years ago Xigmatek hit the scene and started off the whole trend of having heatsinks where the heatpipes directly touched the processor instead of going into a copper base.

This meant that heatsinks would have much better contact with the processor itself meaning lower temperatures. These heatsinks also came out at very affordable prices. It has beeen a few years since those first units came out and the designs have improved as well. Today we will be taking a look at the Xigmatek Prime heatsink.




In case you do not know too much about Xigmatek, here is a bit of information about the company

” Since our establishment in 2005, Xigmatek has evolved excessively in many aspects such as size and recognition, we are committed to provide the newest innovative technology, superb quality, and excellent service.

Our mission is to become a leader in the computer peripheral, thermal industry. We emphasize highly on concept, innovation and design, pursuing perfection and setting trends in the ever changing computer peripheral industry. –We innovate, others follow.

As a company, we pursue an aggressive growth strategy and invest extensively on research and development. We have strong strategic alliances with worldwide suppliers and an ever growing team of distributers giving us the freedom to occupy an integrated presence in major economic regions.

With our highly experienced members of management we are proud to say we host one of the world’s most efficient manufacturing operations.”


Lets go take a look at the technical specs of this SD1484 heatsink before we start testing it out.


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