DJI Mavic Pro vs DJI Spark – Hands-On Review and Comparison

Mavic: Box and Package

The box and package was surprisingly small. Inside the box, you’ll find the controller, a power adapter for charging, mains power cable, and the actual Mavic Pro itself.


Mavic: A Closer Look

The Mavic Pro is very compact and small. It’s slightly larger than the palm of my hand, and only weighs 734g. You only get one battery with the package. A full charge will give you around 20 minutes of flight time. As you can see from the photo below, the battery unit has a 4-LED indicator for battery life, with a bug round power on/off button on one end.

The camera and gimbal is locked in place by two pieces of see-through plastic protectors. You’ll need to remove them when you’re ready to fly the drone… AND always remember to place them back in when you’ve finished using the drone. 

On left side of the drone, there is a micro USB port to connect it up to your computer. While on the right side, you’ll find the Wifi/RC switch and a micro SD Card slot.


Mavic: Controller

The included controller is nice and compact, looks and feel very much like a PS controller. Opening the bottom latches will reveal a lightning connector for your iPhone. We’ve tried both the standard iPhone 6/7 and the Plus versions, and it fits pretty snuggly. The display shows various aspects of the drone, including battery life, height/altitude, distance, GPS signal and others.

You’ll need to make sure you charge up the controller too. There is a micro USB port on the left hand side. Peel back the connector and you’ll see the charging port. See above photo.

The controller has a load of buttons. You’ll have to get used to using them … they include the return-home, power-on, camera and recording. Also, apart from drone flight, you can also the camera’s movements. Use the iPhone’s screen for view finder. 


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