Campark 4K Action Camera Review

Today we will be covering a small and compact Action Camera by Campark that is capable of 4K video. What I find fascinating about these types of cameras are the versatility. You can put these cameras through the ringer and most of the time the video quality never seizes to amaze. Campark has a very affordable option, for us Amateurs out there, that just want something to throw on the dirt bike and get some awesome trail footage. Campark also has a pricier version of the model we are covering today. I will be testing this camera out in several way including: Motorcycle, underwater footage, and still pictures. In my conclusion I will let you guys know if the camera lived up to my expectations and express any limitations this Action Camera may have.


“It’s fantastic for video recording by 4K@25fps plus 1080P@60fps and 1080P@30fps,12 Mega pixels high quality photos. 2-Inch TFT LCD screen, you can see what you exactly shoot when you are recording or taking. With 170 degrees Ultra-wide lens, you won’t miss out any background footage. And it supports up to 32GB micro SDHC card which will let you store all your photos and videos right on the action camera.”




I would like to thank Campark for the review sample!


Now lets move on to the Features and Specs!


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