Crucial Ballistix 32GB DDR4-3600 CL16 Memory Kit Review

Package and its Contents

The Ballistix 32GB DDR4-3600 memory arrived in retail packaging, which is a small, flat box. The box is well described, so we clearly know what is inside. Part of the package’s front is transparent so that we can see memory modules inside.

Our memory kit is designed for AMD and Intel platforms. There were no problems on various motherboards based on the B550, X570, Z490, and Z590 chipsets. Because of the single-rank design, it’s even easier to run this memory with processors that have weaker memory controllers, so the compatibility should be even better than that of higher frequency dual-rank RAM.

Inside the box, we will find two memory modules. The installation is straightforward, but we can always find support and manuals on the Crucial website.

The tested Ballistix memory has no RGB illumination. Crucial is offering both versions, so we can purchase RGB modules if we wish that feature. Besides that, both versions are the same, so they offer the same performance, compatibility, and stability.

The red heatsinks are made of aluminum. Actually, they’re more red than pink. It’s just how the camera catches the light. The test rig photos are showing colors closer to reality. As you can see, RGB is not required, so the RAM looks good. Not many brands are offering RAM with red heatsinks what is one of the advantages of this memory kit.

Photos above were taken on the ASUS Crosshair VIII Impact motherboard, while comparison tests were made on a cheaper and more popular Strix B550-XE Gaming which offers the same memory overclocking and stability as the Strix B550-F or B550-E. Additional overclocking tests were performed on the Strix B550-I Gaming, the top RAM overclocking motherboard, showing RAM limits on the AMD platform.

On the next page, I will tell you some more about the test platform, and of course, I will present our test results.


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