Kingston HyperX Genesis LoVo 16GB DDR3-1600 CL9 Memory Review



Kingston HyperX Genesis LoVo has programmed only one XMP profile what is enough for DDR3-1600 memory. More details about this profile we can see in XMP0 tab on the screenshot below taken from AIDA64 memory timing window.



We had no issues to set XMP and all was working fine. Testing motherboard set command rate to 1N what is even better and shouldn’t cause any instability on the Intel Haswell platform.

Since it’s LoVo series what suggests low operating voltage, this memory is working at 1.35V. It of course helps to reduce heat and power consumption what isn’t big issue for DDR3 memory but lower is always better.



Closer Look

Kingston HyperX LoVo 16GB kit has been packed in a plastic box – good protection and doesn’t take too much space. It’s actually standard Kingston’s package that they are using for years.

Kingston LoVo pht1


Kingston offers lifetime warranty for their DDR3 memory kits. On the box there is also info that RMA will be accepted only when both memory sticks will be delivered to the support. It’s pretty reasonable as you buy whole memory kit , not only single sticks and in case of RMA replacement you are sure that both modules will be based on the same IC ( Integrated Circuit ).


Kingston LoVo pht3


Memory itself look really good. Even though there is green PCB then in this case it perfectly fits to the green heatsinks.


Kingston LoVo pht5


Memory heatsinks are also low profile so shouldn’t cause any issues while mounting large CPU coolers.


Kingston LoVo pht9


Kingston Genesis design is simple but looks good and is functional. It’s also hard to compare it to any other memory on the market.

Due to low voltage requirements, it’s also running cool and uses less power.


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