Kingston HyperX Predator DDR3-2400 C11 8GB (4GB x2) Memory Kit Review

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Even though DDR3-1600 memory is enough for nearly everything, most gamers and power users are looking for faster RAM, something much above the average. For this group of clients Kingston designed the HyperX Predator series. A memory line much faster and more aggressively looking and aimed to meet much higher expectations.



New processor series are supporting higher memory clocks, like DDR3-2400, so we can actually use memory modules this fast in our daily work without having to worry about stability.

Let’s take a look what HyperX Predator DDR3-2400 2x 4GB memory has to offer.


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Push your system to the max. Kingston® HyperX® Predator takes performance to thrilling new extremes with the fastest speeds, lowest latencies and highest capacities available in HyperX memory. It has a new heat spreader for greater heat dissipation, plus it’s Intel XMP Ready and compatible with all popular brands of motherboards. HyperX Predator is ultra-reliable and 100 per cent factory tested to ensure higher performance, ultra-responsive multitasking and a faster system. HyperX Predator is backed by a lifetime warranty, free technical support and legendary Kingston reliability.


With these words Kingston promises a lot. We will see in our tests if it’s really as fast as Kingston claims.



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