Patriot Viper LED 16GB DDR4-3200 Memory Kit Review

Specifications and Features


Our motherboard sees two XMP profiles, DDR4-3066 and DDR4-3200. Both have the same main timings so here is stability test at DDR4-3200. Nearly 20 hours of full load confirms full stability of the Viper LED memory. You may say it’s nothing special but tests were performed on MSI B350 Mortar motherboard and as we know DDR4-3200 is not so easy to stabilize on AMD Ryzen platform. In this case it was one click and all works without issues so we are fully satified.

I wasn’t expecting to see Samsung IC under the heatsinks but yes, the Viper LED is based on the best IC you can find regarding compatibility and overclocking.


Package and product photos

We had to wait for some time on new Patriot memory series but here it is, brand new package and memory design.

Package is new but it’s not so much different from what we used to see. There are various descriptions, product numbers and contact to support. Pretty much the same is on every Patriot memory package. There is also Viper gaming products logo. Inside the package are two stickers with that logo so we can put it on the PC case or anywhere else and be proud owner of the Viper product.

Tested memory kit contains two 8GB modules rated at DDR4-3200 and voltage of 1.35V.

Design of memory sticks is quite fresh. There are no similar memory modules on the market so we can use them to build our unique gaming PC.

Tested memory modules are black with silver logo which reflects light. Each memory module has built-in LED lighting. In this case LEDs are white. There is also red version of memory.

On the photos you can see lighting effect. Light is static and there are no additional modes. For some users it can be little disappointment considering that some brands have RGB lighting in their memory kits. On the other hand, users pick components that match so even though there is RGB option then not many are using it after everything is set.

Patriot Viper LED is providing nice soft light and it looks great on our MSI Arctic motherboard.


Above are additional photos. Used cooler is Cryorig C7. It’s small but good enough for the Ryzen CPU and what is more important for our review, we can clearly see memory modules large coolers could cover them on our photos.

On the next page we will take a closer look at the performance and overclocking potential of the Viper LED memory.


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