Essencore KLEVV BOLT V 32GB DDR5-6800 CL34 Memory Kit Review

Whether you may like it or not, a lot of gaming RAM has been dominated by RGB series. They may look great inside your gaming PC, but if you are in to fast RAM without flashy additions, then I’m sure you will find our KLEVV BOLT V 32GB DDR5-6800 memory kit review very interesting. Even though this memory looks pretty standard compared to higher-end RGB series, it does have a lot to offer and most importantly … it’s inexpensive, which is already a good reason to check our test results.

Stay with us to find out what to expect from the KLEVV BOLT V 32GB DDR5-6800 memory kit.


Boost Your Peak Performance Ultimate RAM for Ultimate Speed

Boasting speeds up to 6800MT/s, the new BOLT V is designed to accelerate system performance even in heavy multitasking, extreme gaming, or intensive graphic creation.

Fascinating Minimalist Design Compact yet Powerful Aluminum Heatsink

Designed with decent simplified style while utilizing mighty aluminum metal, the modern BOLT V is not only meticulous in design but efficient in heat dissipation!


Ultra-low Clearance, Ultra-High Flexibility Maximized Freedom to Build Your Rig

Enjoy hassle-free installation! With a height of just 34 mm, the BOLT V offers extremely low clearance to maximize your freedom in selecting ideal configuration.

Bring Your Game to Victory Ready to Rule the Tournament

The BOLT V offers extremely fast performance for top-tier gaming, programs, and applications. It’s tailor-made for gamers and enthusiast who are pursuing speed, design, and quality all at once.


One-click Memory Overclocking Intel® XMP 3.0 & AMD EXPO™ Ready

Overclocking can be easy as pie! Programmed with the Intel® XMP 3.0 and AMD EXPO™ profiles, optimized setting of timing, voltage, and speed is provided by default when using the BOLT V.

Cutting-edge Technology to Reinforce Your Professional Rig

Combining all advantages together, the BOLT V is bound to deliver optimal performance, power efficiency, and stability. Every component is carefully selected/screened to meet our rigorous criteria.

QVL Tested & Approved Excellent Compatibility across Mainboards

Tested for Qualified Vendors List from world’s leading motherboard manufacturers, the BOLT V is approved to be compatible with mainstream mainboards that you can upgrade with confidence.

Rigorous Test Procedure & Criteria Utmost Quality, Remarkable Reliability

Using only the best-in-class memory chip and components, every KLEVV product is carefully made with the strictest quality standard by experienced professional experts.


You can buy the KLEVV BOLT V 32GB DDR5-6800 memory kits from Amazon for around $113.99 –


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