Corsair Dark Core RGB Pro SE Wireless Gaming Mouse Review

Conclusion and Verdict

In conclusion, we could say Corsair has had a lot of time invested into developing mice. They have been developing mice for some time now and I have had the pleasure to cover a few of those in the past. I don’t think I have ever had a mouse from Corsair that I wasn’t satisfied with. One thing to keep in mind about this particular mouse is it closer to palm style than claw. If you have a larger hand then you could use it either way. Lets cover a few of the highlight of this mouse.

The wireless function, called slipstream has better latency than Bluetooth but requires a separate dongle to utilize. What is great if you just want to use Bluetooth you have that option too. Optional side grip, This mouse comes with two to choose from. One thing this mouse come equipped with that I would not utilize is 18,000 DPI. Wow that is amazing. I mean if you have never turned up a mouse that far, you will be in for a whoa moment. That cursor will literally snap from one corner to another on a 40 inch monitor in a blink of an eye. Too much for me to handle for sure but some of you out there may have that skill level to control that much!

Now for all you RGB lovers! Yes we have RGB on this mouse also. The lights are subtle but well placed. And the colors are clear bright and accurate. All of this is controlled through the iCue Software suite. Overall the software has worked very well everrytime I have used it. The only hiccup I have ever encountered using the software was an update to the software, where I had to uninstall and reinstall. As far as firmware upgrades and compatibility with their product I have never had any issues. One thing I can not comment on is the Qi charging. I have no compatibility mouse pad that charges while using but that sound amazing never having to worry about that. Charge while you play sounds good to me! But Corsair has you cover with a mousepad that does.

You can buy the Corsair Dark Core RGB Pro SE Wireless Gaming Mouse for around USD $79.99 from Amazon –


  • 3 different connection types
  • RGB
  • iCue Software
  • Qi charging


  • None


Final thoughts:

Corsair has loaded the Dark Core RGB Pro SE with a ton of features that will meet the demands of just about everyone. We get high DPI, RGB and 3 different connection types! And lets not forget about the Qi Charging.



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