Corsair Harpoon RGB Wireless Mouse Review

A Closer Look

Contoured Shape and Rubber Side Grips

The shape that fits your style and feels great in your hand. Hold the mouse with a confidence. When developing HARPOON RGB WIRELESS, a great deal of emphasis was placed on shape and design, maximizing comfort and compatibility with multiple grip styles. HARPOON RGB WIRELESS’ shape is designed to be used by gamers who chose claw or fingertip grip, with a compact shape that lightweight construction.

To provide a firmer hold, we implemented rubber grips molded directly onto the left and right sides of the mouse, which allow for assured and comfortable handling. Now you can hold the mouse with confidence, knowing that your grip is firm, and won’t lose control when you lift the mouse or make long and fast movements.



The HARPOON RGB is fitted with high-quality PTFE glide pads that reduce friction when the mouse glides on a surface. The glide pads are fixed to the mouse using an adhesive that allows them to be removed quickly, without leaving a messy residue. This allows for the glide pads to be easily replaced once they have become worn following extended use.


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