Corsair Ironclaw RGB Wireless Gaming Mouse Review

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Slip into the fast lane with SLIPSTREAM WIRELESS. Experience 50% faster than previous generation, hyper-fast gaming grade wireless speed with sub-1ms point-to-point wireless latency, so your actions are registered as fast as when using a wired mouse. With the latest cutting-edge wireless technology from CORSAIR, the HARPOON RGB WIRELESS delivers the report rate of USB wired gaming mice without the wire to hold you back.

SLIPSTREAM WIRELESS’ Intelligent Frequency Shift (IFS) ensures that your wireless signal stays in the fastest lane, with the ability to detect and immediately hop to the fastest available channel in the 2.4Ghz wireless spectrum, on the fly. This dramatically improves Quality of Service (QoS) and helps provide the strongest and most reliable wireless connection, even in environments where there may be a lot of other wireless devices present creating potential interference.

A strong signal and optimized antenna design deliver up to 33ft of wireless range, while smart protocol layer brings intelligent retransmits and redundancy for maximum reliability.

We placed heavy emphasis on IRONCLAW RGB WIRELESS’s contoured design, in pursuit of the highest possible degree of comfort. The mouse has been carefully sculpted to fit the contours of your hand. It was designed specifically to suit gamers with larger hands and those who prefer a palm grip, though anyone will find the IRONCLAW RGB WIRELESS very comfortable to use even through prolonged gaming sessions.


Unbeatable advantage when paired with the new MM350 Champion Series Gaming Mouse Pad

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