CORSAIR K63 Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

Verdict and Conclusion

At last, I can now ditch my 3 year old battery-operated wireless keyboard. The Corsair K63 is the one for me. The space-saving tenkeyless design is perfect for my desk, where space is precious commodity. What’s even better is that it completely wireless with an ultra-fast 1ms 2.4GHz connectio, which ideal for gamers on the go. You can also connect it via Bluetooth or wired, using the included USB cable.

The Corsair K63 comes with Cherry MX Red mechanical keys which are light weight allowing for more rapid actuation, which means better responsiveness during gameplay. Other features include 128-bit AES wireless encryption, 15 hours of battery life, 100% Anti-Ghosting with full key rollover, and back-lit blue LED lighting customizeable using Corsair’s Utility Engine.



We tested the keyboard during our epic 2 hour gaming session on PUBG and CS:GO, and I can say there is definitely a difference between my 3 year old battery-operated wireless keyboard and the Corsair K63. Key responses were a lot faster and smoother, and this gave me the general feeling that my gameplay has improved 😛 

Here’s something to be aware of. At first I had an issue with turning the keyboard on. No matter what I did, it just wouldn’t turn on. After contacting Corsair, they instructed me to hold the ESC key while turning the it on. Sure it enough it worked! After that, setup and configuration was super easy.

You can buy the CORSAIR K63 Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard for around USD $99 –, which I think is an acceptable price considering what you’re getting. Decent gaming keyboards can cost upwards of $130 or more, besides what you’re getting here is a wireless gaming keyboard with Cherry MX Red switches and blue LEDs.



  • Excellent build quality
  • Cherry MX Red switches
  • Tenkeyless design
  • Ultra-fast 1ms 2.4GHz wireless connection
  • Blue LEDs customizeable using Corsair’s Utility Engine
  • 128-bit AES wireless encryption
  • 15 hours of battery life
  • 100% Anti-Ghosting with full key rollover



  • None I can think of


Final Words

I always wanted a tenkeyless keyboard, but with some many options available on the market, choosing one can be difficult. But look no further, the Corsair K63 gaming keyboard here. It’s wireless, it’s tenkeyless, it has blue LEDs and comes with super responsive Cherry MX Red switches. Corsair has yet again produce an excellent product that meets all the requirements of an enthusiast user or gamer on the go!


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