Cougar Minos XC Gaming Gear Combo Review

Conclusion and Verdict

In conclusion, the Minos XC Gaming Gear Combo combines decent quality products at a price that is somewhat unbelievable. I want to start off by saying, not very often will you find a product priced around 15 bucks that will absolutely impress you. Now with that being said I wasn’t jumping for joy excited what I expierenced but I was “man for that price you can’t go wrong” impressed. The mouse has a few programable buttons (6) and is controlled by the Cougar UIX system. That’s commitment from Cougar to put that effort into a mouse at this price. The mouse is by no means high end but for a starter it’s perfectly fine.

The DPI is 4000, which for me, is plenty high. The RGB is subtle and looks very accurate. The mouses construction is all plastic but seems to be able take the abuse a gamer would throw at it. I squeezed and pushed the mouse into the table with some decent force and noticed no flex or cracking sounds. The mouse is lightweight and has no way off adding any to it. This mouse would work great for both gaming and work. At 15 bucks where’s the argument. Seriously you get Cougar quality for pennies on the dollar.

The mouse pad is really the star of this show. The quality is great. The stitching looks like it will hold up over time and the backing is slip resistant. The mouse pad will grip on virtually any surface. Which is very important for us gamers. The top of the surface is smooth and the graphic quality is great.

You can buy the Cougar Minos XC Gaming Gear Combo for around USD $15 from Amazon –



  • RGB
  • Included Mouse Pad
  • Decent Software Options
  • Comfortable Ergonomics


  • None


Final Thoughts:

The Cougar MINOS XC is a great starter set for anyone looking for an affordable setup that won’t break the bank. At 15 dollars you can’t deny this is an awesome deal! It’s hard to find a mouse pad for that price alone.



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