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Cougar Puri Mini Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

Today we will be covering the newly released Puri Mini Mechanical Gaming Keyboard. This type of keyboard an absolute must for someone constantly on the go. Finding a keyboard that meets your demands can be difficult at times. This can be especially true if you need your keyboard for gaming and productivity. These are two very different areas to meet the demands of. A gamer wants style and response.



While on the other hand a productive person wants the keyboard easy to type on and offer macros. Finding both of these in one keyboard can be a challenge. This keyboard has a lot to offer, and we are going to cover all that in this review. So, without further delay let’s get to it!

Increase your power on the battlefield with the Puri Mini 60% mechanical gaming keyboard! Features skilled craftsmanship, premium materials and minimalist design, this amazing gear accompanies you to achieve victory at every battle. Effortlessly take it anywhere with the compact form factor!

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