Overall Cougar has included everything you need for this keyboard but I do wish they included a keypad puller since this keyboard does have removable keys.

Now onto Build quality!


Build quality

The entire top of the keyboard is covered by a screw on metal cover, it feels extremely sturdy and really surprised me considering the price of this keyboard.

On the rear of the keyboard, you can see the cable being held in with a very sturdy cap looking thing. I was able to hold the keyboard by the cable and swing it around without any issues or the cable coming loose so Cougar definitely puts some thought into making sure the cable would last a while.

Speaking of the cable Cougar has included a braided cable which feels really well made and it does a really good job at resisting tangling and bending.

The USB plug also feels fairly sturdy, the plug is surrounded by a thick rubber-like material which provides a decent amount of grip when plugging the device in. The plug isn’t gold-plated but I didn’t expect it to be considering the price.

While this keyboard doesn’t have Cherry switches Cougar has done a pretty good job making decent keycaps, While they don’t feel as sturdy as genuine Cherry switches they still feel really good and are one of the best feeling non-cherry switches I’ve tried.

The only build quality part that doesn’t blow me away is the keycaps. They feel mediocre and can be flexed in on the sides pretty easily. Fourtainatly this keyboard does use a Cherry style mounting system for the keycaps so you could use almost any aftermarket keycaps on the market. This is a very minor issue though and shouldn’t dissuade you from picking up this keyboard.


Overall I rate the build quality 4.5/5. The build quality really surprised me considering the price. This keyboard has a lot of the build quality features that high-end keyboards include like a metal body and braided cable and even when trying to flex the body this keyboard showed pretty much no signs of giving way. The only thing I didn’t like build quality wise was the included keycaps, while they didn’t feel bad necessarily they also didn’t feel particularly strong but considering how well made the rest of this keyboard is I can see the keycaps being a smart cost-saving measure on Cougars part.


Now onto lighting!

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