EpicGear MorphaX Modular Gaming Mouse Review

Today we will be taking an in-depth look at the latest gaming mouse from EpicGear, the MorphaX modular gaming mouse. A huge thank you goes out to EpicGear for sending us this review sample, one which we have looked forward to ever since it was announced in CES earlier this year.


EG – EpicGear, a brand of Golden Emperor International Ltd., is a professional gaming peripheral brand determined to design and produce the ultimate gaming gear for gamers to perform at their best and dominating the opponents.

EpicGear is comprised of an elite team of members from different walks of life, but all share one thing in common – the passion for gaming. The professional backgrounds of the EG team members include electronic engineer, industrial designer, college professor, military personnel, sales specialist, entrepreneur, professional gamers.


With the vision of helping gamers of all levels enjoy the best of their games, every peripheral combines not only esthetics but also rich features and quality. Co-designing with professional gamers and enthusiasts, EpicGear has developed the world’s first HDST-Hybrid Dual Sensor Technology gaming mouse, modular mechanical keyboard, and a series of expandable accessories, giving users complete customization control and amazing experience.

“Equip to dominate” is the motto that EpicGear lives by, as we combine the effort of the brilliant minds of our staff and the gaming community. To develop product that is driven by innovation, esthetic, functionality, quality and craftsmanship. The amazing end result can only be best described after blasting through an awesome gaming session equipped with the EG gaming gear.

EpicGear does not only promote gaming as a life style, more importantly, a gaming life with style, an epic style.


Releasing their first affordable gaming accessory to the market in 2011, the world’s first dual sensor MeduZa gaming mouse, EpicGear has gone from strength to strength in producing brilliant products that don’t break your wallet. Buy MorphaX now at Amazon – https://goo.gl/KS6xD6



With 6 gaming mice in EpicGear’s portfolio, it was time that the company met the ever-growing demands for customization and increased performance, and to address this EG has released the MorphaX.



MorphA X has taken gaming mouse customization to a new level by implementing MSC™ – Modular-Sensor-Cartridge – for easy exchange between two types of sensors, laser and optical sensor. Another innovation of the MorphA X called MSS™ – Modular-Switch-Structure – enables users to easily swap out micro switches with different actuation force.

MorphA X can be further customized via dedicated GUI software on angle-snapping, lift-off-distance, button assignment, DPI, profiles, USB report rate, and RGB LED lighting, just to name a few. Co-developed by pro gamers, every line and curve of the symmetrically shaped, right-handed MorphA X, is designed for superior support providing a perfectly balanced grip. The separated button-cover design provides absolute clicking precision and feedback, while the adjustable weight system provides hassle-free flexibility of adjusting MorphA X to the preferred weight and balance.


This is first time I have come across a mouse that I can change the sensors between a laser one and an optical one, and I’m very looking forward to giving this a thorough test later on. Buy now at Amazon – https://goo.gl/KS6xD6


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