HyperX Pulsefire Raid Gaming Mouse Review

Closer Look and Performance

The Pulsefire Raid mouse was designed for right-handers. If we are left-handers, then we will have a hard time using additional buttons. All 11 buttons can be programmed, and that’s great news for all those who play MMO games in any form. These games often make us remember various button combos, which we can program under a single mouse button. Personally, I can’t play MMO games without a mouse like this anymore. This is also allowed in all games, while software solutions are usually not accepted by game rules.

The Pulsefire Raid mouse was designed to last a long time and be comfortable. The quality is high, and everything important shouldn’t cause any issues. The USB cable is braided and is quite flexible. Maybe not as much as in the Pulsefire Haste, but I can’t complain. I can’t feel the significant difference during more extended gaming.

HyperX used Omron switches for the main buttons, which give fast response time and high durability counted for 20 million clicks. The Haste mouse had more durable switches, but it’s still more than enough.

Except for the standard left and right mouse buttons and wheel, there are five additional buttons on the left side and a small button, which at default, works as a DPI switch. In total, we can program eleven different combinations what gives us a wide range of possibilities.

Every button can be programmed to match a single keyboard key, combination of keys, or any form of macro with specified delays. We’ve seen that in other mice, but not many manufacturers decided to release mice with so many buttons. Anyone searching for a perfect MMO mouse had a hard time as there were barely any options on the market in last years. I’m glad that HyperX decided to go this way as I missed an MMO mouse in its offer.

The mouse is using a PMW3389 sensor, which works up to 16000 DPI. There are three presets at 800, 1600, and 3200 DPI, but we can set anything we want up to mentioned 16000 DPI. I had no problems using the mouse on any more standard surface like a desk with or without a mouse pad and more or less glossy surface, but of course, glass can be a problem. Recommended are gaming-grade mouse pads like many from the HyperX offer.

HyperX delivers NGenuity software that is easy to manage and helps in programming various additional modes. We can program mentioned eleven buttons, change RGB modes for two zones on the mouse, or set a custom DPI that matches our needs. The software will also automatically find a firmware update and asks if the user wants to update it.

Below are screenshots are taken from the NGenuity software and are showing available options. For RGB illumination, we have two zones and, as usual, static and dynamic modes. We can also save and switch between RGB profiles.

I tested the Pulsefire Raid mouse for a couple of days, mostly playing Black Desert Online, a popular MMORPG. There were no issues during tests, and I often forgot about the mouse, enjoying the game. Since I’m more into MMO games, then the Pulsefire Raid mouse is a better option for me than the Pulsefire Haste. The main but significant difference makes additional buttons, which I often use for more complicated character skills and combos. If anyone wants to compete at a higher level, then it’s simply a must. I can’t imagine remembering and doing everything on time without a mouse like this. For all who are into MMO, it’s clearly a game-changer.

No matter if we are using the mouse for gaming or standard work, everything works smooth. The mouse isn’t heavy, so it should be good enough for most users. It’s also not large, and even though I like somewhat larger mice, it still fits well and is comfortable to use.

I’m sometimes picky, but I can’t find the downsides to this product. Maybe I could use more buttons, so instead of five on the left side, I could use about eight or nine, but it’s not a big issue.

I’m sure that anyone who accepts the Pulsefire Raid mouse’s general specification will be satisfied with what they will find in the box.


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