ASUS TUF Gaming B650-PLUS WiFi Motherboard Review



The ASUS TUF GAMING B650-Plus WiFi motherboard comes in a standard ATX size, which means it will fit in most cases with no issues. For our tests, we used a Cooler Master MasterLiquid PL240 AIO cooler and everything fitted nicely, and as you can see, there’s plenty room in and around the AM5 processor socket.



The BIOS on the ASUS TUF GAMING B650-Plus WiFi was easy to use and understand. The 1st page you’ll see the default “Easy Mode” and only shows the CPU and memory information. During our tests, we used a pair of  Kingston FURY Beast RGB DDR5-6000 (2 x 16GB kit). Although they are fully EXPO certified, I was only able to boot the system up at DDR5-5800.

For memory compatibility and QVL (qualified vendors list), I recommend you check ASUS’s QVL page here.

You can enable the EXPO (EXtended Profiles for Overclocking) memory and AMD’s “Re-size BAR support” (Base Address Register) … both can potentially give you an extra performance boost.

If you select “Advanced Mode”, you’ll then see all the other options available for tweaking your processor, memory and more. Voltages for memory and processor can also be adjusted here. The advanced tab allows users to configure settings for CPU, chipset, storage and NVMe, as well as onboard devices such as LAN and audio.

For overclockers, the BIOS does allows some CPU and memory overclocking, and you can also set the CPU frequency and voltages too. But remember, the B650 isn’t really designed for extreme overclocking … if you want overclocking you should get for the X670E or B650E.


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