BIOSTAR Racing Z370GT6 Motherboard Review


When it comes to stability and overclocking ability, the BIOS is vitally important. So having a mature, full featured BIOS will determine how far you can take your processor.

The Z370GT6 BIOS seem to have all the options for overclocking, but not as full-featured as I’ve seen on some of the ASRock or Asus BIOSes. Still, you can adjust a wide range options and settings from multipliers and frequencies to CPU and DDR4 voltages.



No issues with installation. The Z370GT6 is a full size ATX motherboard, so all 6 motherboard mounts fitted perfectly. I hate narrow ATX or EATX motherboards … they’re so awkward to mount. Not with the Z370GT6 … so a big thumbs up here.


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