BIOSTAR Racing Z370GT6 Motherboard Review

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Verdict and Conclusion

Overall, the BIOSTAR Racing Z370GT6 motherboard performed adequately and within our expectations. Being a budget to mainstream board, you can’t expect too much from it. Was it stability? yes … did it overclock? yes … and did all the features worked as expected? yes. So we have 3 yeses … what more do you want from a motherboard that only costs between $150-200.

Performance. It’s the fastest Z370 motherboard we’ve tested, but it did keep up with its nearest rival, the ASRock Z370 Killer SLI. The only other thing I can say about the BIOSTAR Racing Z370GT6 motherboard, is that it’s much stable than I expected.

Overclocking wasn’t as good as the ASRock Z370 Killer SLI or the Asus ROG Maximus X Hero. Both of these board managed 5.0 GHz on our Core i7-8700K. The BIOSTAR Racing Z370GT6 however, only managed 4.9 GHz with the same voltage settings. I guess this is where a full-featured and mature BIOS plays an important part, when it comes down to overclocking.

One thing the BIOSTAR Racing Z370GT6 did excel in … and that’s the extra features included. For budget to mainstream Z370 motherboard, the Z370GT6 is surprisingly rich in features. You get VIVID LED DJ, dual BIOS, 1 x LN2 Switch, 2 x 5050 LED Headers, M.2 Cooling (heat spreader), diagnostic LEDs, GT Touch panel for onboard power-on, reset and ECO mode … and MORE.

Pricewise, the BIOSTAR Racing Z370GT6 competes directly with the ASRock Z370 Killer SLI/ac … costing around USD $150-200. At this price, you can’t really go wrong … especially if you’re after a feature-rich Z370 motherboard on a tight budget.



  • Supports all Intel 8th Gen Core processors (Coffee Lake)
  • Affordability and price
  • Good set of features
  • GT Touch panel
  • Included M.2 cooling
  • Supports 3-way AMD Crossfire Technology


  • Average overclocking ability
  • No mention of supporting Nvidia SLI
  • Other Z370 motherboard performed better


Final Thoughts:

The BIOSTAR Racing Z370GT6 is one of the most feature-packed Z370 motherboard I’ve seen at a price that’s phenomenally affordable. If you’re on a tight budget and want a feature-rich Z370 motherboard to go with you Coffee Lake CPU … then you might want to consider the BIOSTAR Racing Z370GT6.


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