GIGABYTE Z170X Ultra Gaming (LGA 1151) Motherboard Review

Conclusion and Verdict

Finally! What we have here readers is a fantastic motherboard from GIGABYTE! This motherboard is designed to attract entry-level enthusiasts as well as hardcore gamers.



The design of this motherboard really hits the nail on the head as far as the layout goes. Combine that with the simple yet attractive color scheme and this motherboard becomes a hit with anyone looking to build a more guauranteed stability-oriented overclocking system.



I really enjoyed my time with the GIGABYTE. This motherboard proved to be completely stable throughout my testing. I really cannot think of any noteworthy downsides to this motherboard, considering the price and feature set!

The GIGABYTE  Z170X Ultra Gaming LGA 1151 motherboard is available at e-tailers for right around $160 USD (Newegg). Buy now at Amazon


  • Z170 Chipset
  • LED Lighting
  • Price
  • Performance
  • Useful Software
  • User Friendly Software


  • None


Final Thoughts:

In conclusion, this motherboard is an excellent full-featured, overclocking motherboard that has all of the basic essentials that a hardcore gamer or entry-level enthusiast could ask for. If you are craving high-end performance without sacrificing warranty or stability, then the GIGABYTE Z170X Ultra Gaming LGA 1151 is the motherboard you are looking for. Not only do I recommend this motherboard, I HIGHLY recommend this motherboard! Thanks and have a Funky Day!


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