PGY GoPro Adapter Switch Mount Plate for DJI Osmo Mobile Review


As mentioned in my review of the DJI Osmo Mobile, when it comes to purchasing a handheld gimbal you are normally left with the decision to buy one for your action camera or your smartphone. The main reason for this is due to the weight difference of an action camera and a smartphone, with the latter being much heavier. The gimbal motors are manufactured with a weight range in mind, not only for a steady smooth motion but also being able to support the necessary weight.

During one of my Taobao-searching episodes, I came across this listing:


An adapter to allow use of a DJI Osmo Mobile with an action camera! Got it possible to get the best of worlds with just one simple accessory? So today we will be looking at the PGY GoPro adapter switch mount plate, and will be pairing this with my DJI Osmo Mobile so see if it allows me to kill two birds with one stone.


The PGY GoPro adapter comes in a simple white box with just the company logo on the top. Inside you will find the adapter itself and a bracket with 2 long screws for which to mount your action camera on. A quick 10 second assembly and you will have the adapter ready to go.


PGY has chosen to use the GoPro Hero form factor here for its bracket. This meant we were unable to mount our SJCAM M20, and with many manufacturers now releasing action cameras in all sorts of shapes and sizes, the PGY GoPro adapter will not be compatible.


On back, the large rectangular cut-off allows you to see the GoPro’s viewfinder on the back and allows for touch screen controls.


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