Infinity 500W Power Supply – A definite Big Bang for your Buck


Today we have yet another power supply to test! This unit sports a matte black paint scheme, nice sleeving, a rather glorious blue LED fan, and a suspiciously low price tag.

That’s right folks, we’re diving into the Budget Bin here, it can be a scary place! On the other hand you can’t find the New Awesome Inexpensive But Totally Functional PSU For The Masses without hunting in said bin, so here we are!



Generally this spot is where the manufacturer’s “About Us” message gets some screen time. Today however things are different. I’m not entirely certainly who the manufacturer is. It’s listed as an “Infinity” on the box, but no such company exists in PSU-land.

I suspect Enlight, but without anything really solid I don’t feel like dragging them into/through the dirt. Instead, we’ll get into the specs right here on the first page!

Actually we’ll start with a disclaimer: This PSU review is going to be somewhat shorter than usual, when digging through the bargain bin it doesn’t pay to spend a lot of time typing. Plus of course I can’t copy down the specs list from the manufacturer web page, as there isn’t one.

OK Onward with the specs, in Pictures Of The Box form!


Ok so in theory we get a temperature controlled, low acoustic noise, 140mm fan, as well as a grill that allows airflow, some motherboard connectors, SATA and Molex connectors, and 6P PCIe connectors supporting dual GPUs.




On the PSU itself we have an output chart claiming dual rails, 370 W of 12 V (30.8 amps), a fair bit of 5 V/3.3 V, and two amps of 5 VSB. Not bad, if it’s true. We also see that the label says it’ll accept 110v or 220v mains power. Lastly we see Delta’s UL listing number, which I don’t believe for a moment. Note the two 12 V rails, I don’t believe that either.

Let’s move on to a full on photos page to look at the PSU and box in full.


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