ROCCAT Suora Frameless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

Today we will be covering a unique gaming keyboard, the Roccat Suora. Now with this keyboard you get a slick, slim and simple design. Now the biggest thing you might notice right off the bat is the frameless design. I always prefer a palm rest on mine. That might just be my personal preference but I like having a palm rest due to giving me a better angle on the keyboard. I will let you guys know how this aspect affect my use of the keyboard in my conclusion. As far as the claims from ROCCAT about the Suora, I am excited to test out this keyboard.


Some gamers want all the bells and whistles, whereas gaming purists want raw, undiluted performance. With the Suora, the gaming purists have found their keyboard. The Suora’s frameless design channels its philosophy as a pure and efficient mechanical keyboard for no-frills gamers. Its robust, compact build with aluminum alloy housing provides a consistent, distraction-free platform. Get closer in touch with pure gaming with the Suora!


I would like to thank Roccat for providing this review Sample! Buy now at Amazon –





We are gamers, leading pioneers of the eSport movement, dedicated to high quality in-house gear design and engineering, future driven, German created, internationally minded. This is ROCCAT Studios. Welcome to the fold.


Now let us see what this ROCCAT Suora Frameless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard pad is all about!


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