Small Seven IPTV Box 小七盒子 Review

Once you connect and boot up the Small Seven IPTV, you’re faced with a rather generic Android menu system:

 Small Seven IPTV

Being Android based, you can install you own APKs or visit Small Seven IPTV’s own app page where you will see apps to help you promote the product and generic Chinese Android TV and streaming apps such as YouKu. But we’re here for the live stream part:

 Small Seven IPTV

The Small Seven IPTV box does state its offering over 1000 live channels for you to choose from, but you’d be lucky to even get a third of those channels to load properly. Without using profanities it is quite difficult to say just how bad the live streaming service is, and even if you do get a channel to work, the vast majority of the times the feed was choppy. I did briefly wonder if maybe my colleague was using wifi and that his ISP was slow, but small defense was thrown out of the window when I realized it was hooked up via an ethernet cable, and that he was on a 100Mb line…..

I was also assured that the box was running the latest version of its software, but the service has always been poor. After 10 minutes of trying to find a stable live stream, I gave up.



With a stated RRP of HKD$1200, the company is having a laugh, especially when you can get a much more superior product for less than half the price in the Unblock Tech IPTV box. Seriously, its not even funny how this can be on the market (I guess only the uninformed and desperate will buy it). Comparing the Small Seven IPTV box to the Unblock Tech IPTV box just doesn’t do the latter any justice.

The only good thing I can say about the Small Seven IPTV box is that as it is running on Android you can side load in Kodi which will probably improve the experience by a 1000 fold. I have a generic Android TV box gathering dust at the bottom of a drawer somewhere, but this product deserves to be put underneath that.


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