A.M.P. SPzero Bluetooth Portable Speaker and Speakerphone Review

I simply cannot imagine a world without music. Call me crazy, however that is my humble opinion on this particular art form. Music can elevate the mood of a person and enhance their daily routine or their productivity. No matter the genre, where would we be without the ability to project the wonderful riffs and sounds of musical instruments? I imagine that it would be less enjoyable. Take concerts for example; would they be near as exciting if everyone had to be extra quiet just to hear the music? Or how about our favorite films? Would they take hold of our emotions during that special scene without the sounds of tension or happiness? I think not.

Speakers have been the medium to connect our senses to the intricacies of the tiniest of sounds that really grab our attention. In the digital age, we as a people have been more on-the-go than ever before. Thankfully with technology, we do not have to leave our music or other entertainment behind us. Our smart devices are more than adequate to handle our music, movie, and game libraries. The problem is, though, that most of these devices just have par-for-the-course speakers. However, manufacturers such as Antec are here to save the day with affordable and wonderfully performing mobile solutions.


As the world becomes more wireless we will continue to see an influx of wireless speakers using various transmittal technologies such as Bluetooth. Some great advantages about this technology are compatibility, range, reliability, and reception quality. Today we will be taking a look at the SPzero Bluetooth Portable Speaker from Antec Mobile Products, a division of Antec, who is well known in the world of computer components and cooling products; and recently having delved into mobile products as well. In an increasingly growing market it will be interesting to see the value and quality that Antec brings to us with the SPzero.


The A.M.P. SPzero Bluetooth Portable Speaker and Speakerphone is available in seven different color schemes. The unit we will be reviewing today is the white/red version. And without further delay, let us begin the review!

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“Unleash your music, movies, and media. The A.M.P SPzero brings your media to life by pairing with any smartphone, laptop, or media player to create a premium audio experience anywhere. With eight hours of playtime and a miniature form factor, the SPzero allows music enthusiasts to move with their media. Turn the volume up right from the speaker and take phone calls directly through the integrated microphone. Each unit is capable of expanding its acoustic capability with a Daisy Chain Function which allows users to connect multiple SPzeros via auxiliary port. The SPzero goes anywhere and is an essential piece of a mobile lifestyle.” – Antec

I would like to thank Antec Mobile Products for providing the review sample. This is a snippet from what Antec Mobile Products has to say about themselves on their website:

The A.M.P. story

Antec Mobile Products (A.M.P) is a global consumer electronics company committed to putting state of the art mobile and audio technology into the hands of every user. As a division of Antec, the world-renown market leader in PC hardware, A.M.P. is committed to bringing Antec’s winning VIP principles of Value, Innovation and Perfection to the mobile world.

Our philosophy

Technology is taking on an increasingly greater role in our lives and changing the relationship between user and device. People are not only demanding products that make their lives easier, but are also seeking devices that let them use, share and interact in new ways. By harnessing new technologies, Antec is changing the way people experience life through their mobile devices.A.M.P. understands that mobile products are more than just devices, they are extensions of ourselves: our tastes, habits and curiosity. a.m.p. is committed to the concept of fashion technology by providing you with devices that are not only attractive, but reflect your own unique personality.


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