AOC AGON GH401 Wireless Gaming Headset Review

Conclusion and Verdict

Wireless headphones are easily considered to be the top tier in any lineups, simply because they tend to have a much high price tag due to the more expensive hardware required to assemble the headset. They don’t always produce the best sound though. This is because sometimes the sound can be dampened to try and save battery. Thankfully we still get a very, almost undistinguishable sound compared to the other two in this lineup. I can really appreciate comparing a headset with similar hardware and not being a step down when it comes to sound just because it is wireless. Honestly the sound is great and no noticeable difference from the others. One thing you do have to give up is the RGB. There is no RGB but still the great same RED accent on the stitching and frame. Just like the other headsets in this line up the comfort was spot on, and the feel of the material won’t make your ears sweat. All around a great headset!

One of the most major differences between the other headsets is the mic. This mic is a unidirectional compared to an omnidirectional. I actually prefer this type simply because I don’t intend on picking up sounds across from me on a headset. With that being said the mic worked very well and had no complaint from the other end.

You can buy the AOC GH401 Wireless Gaming Headset for aorund USD $79.99 from Amazon –



  • Price
  • 50mm Drivers
  • Detachable Mic
  • Decent Leather Material
  • Wireless Connection
  • Better Unidirectional mic


  • Limited availability in the US


Final thoughts:

The GH401 is the latest and greatest offering from AOC AGON. This headset offers the wireless connection so many of us prefer. You can expect the same great sound as you would get from a wired headset!


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