AtomicX V201 Bluetooth Headset Review

Greetings all! We are back with another Headset from iDeaUSA, the AtomicX V201. If you remember the V203, from a while back, I was decently impressed with that particular headset. I am excited to see how these match up against those. I look for 3 things in my audio, no distortion, deep bass and easy to set up and use. These are the 3 things I am always critical with when I choose my audio devices. Sound of course is the biggest factor. I like to hear the highs, high and the lows, low. So until then let us see what these have to offer with the features and specification on the next few pages.

With a silent backdrop, the stage is set for you to enjoy the clarity and subtle nuisances of your favorite music, movies or games. Join the thousands enjoying finely tuned audio quality with powerful bass that make these a joy to listen too. Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) technology is perfect for reducing noisy city traffic, plane cabin noise or a busy office. The headphones actively monitor the sound environment you’re in, adding an ‘anti-noise’ wave directly into the headphones. This new wave cancels out annoying ambient sounds to a whisper, leaving a purer listening experience.

I would like to thank iDeaUSA for providing this review sample! Let us see what they have to say about themselves on their website:

The little engine that keeps going

iDeaUSA™ is a technology company focused on bringing innovative solutions to children and adults.

Launched in 2011, iDeaUSA is based in sunny Southern California in the city of Long Beach. Our team strives to bring quality and affordable products to the everyday user without any limitations of proprietary technology.



Our Promise

 Ready to Rock—Right Out of the Box!
Our tablets are smartly provisioned with the latest operating systems, popular apps, and innovative features (like voice control) so that customers can be up and running in seconds, enjoying a better experience, without the need to visit countless download sites for upgrades. iDeaUSA’s WelcomeApp helps new users simply and quickly configure the device, optimize personal settings, and get the most from their tablets right away.

iDeaUSA avoids proprietary sockets, memory slots, and audio/video I/O ports. Instead, we arm our products with a category-leading host of industry-standard connection options that ensure seamless compatibility, without the need to buy a bunch of extra parts, pieces, gender-benders, and oddball cables to hook everything up!


Now let us see what this Wireless Headset is all about! Buy now at Amazon –


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