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Cougar Havoc BT Wireless In-Ear Gaming Headset Review

Today we will be covering the Havoc BT Wireless In-Ear Gaming Headset by Cougar. What are the benefits of Bluetooth? Ummmm everything if you ask me. I was over wired anything as soon as a wireless version was invented. Yes I went through the growing pains while they perfected the tech but man it was so worth it. I have snagged to many wires and ruined an expensive headset. Not to mention, to many times I have picked up my wired device only to spend the next 24 hours trying to untangle the mess it magically tied its self into. Anyways, enough with the rant of how much I dislike wired, pretty much anything, One thing I noticed is the Havoc, while being wireless, the Havoc still has a wire connecting the speakers. This can be a benefit because on some of the earbuds I have tested in the past still have a problem cutting out when you present interference between the earbuds. With these you wont have to worry about one speaker loosing connection to the main driver. Now will this single wire present any discomfort or any other challenges? Lets not delay and get to it already!

Havoc BT is the wireless in-ear headset that fulfilled your life gaming experiences. Advanced comfort-enhancing ergonomic design and long battery life are also present in these top-end wireless gaming earbuds.
I would like to thank COUGAR for providing this review sample! Let us see what they have to say about themselves on their website:


Real Gear for Real Gamers. This simple phrase synthesises our soul. From our origins in 2008 as a gaming-oriented PC Power Supply, Case and Cooling producer, COUGAR’s mission has always been to deliver gaming peripherals and PC components that answer the requirement of those people who think gaming is much more than a way of killing time. To us, and to those who think like us, modern gaming is both an art and a competitive sport, an important part of human life that allows you to develop and display skills ordinary life just isn’t prepared for. Games are the door to worlds in which both the most advanced capabilities of the human brain and the most primal instincts and reactions meet to bring you new experiences, and to access them you need to be properly equipped.


“COUGAR gaming gear exists for a reason: to allow you to properly make use of your innate and learned abilities without being limited by hardware bottlenecks. Our mice’s accurate tracking will make your reflexes count; our keyboards’ response will make sure hardware latency doesn’t prevent you from achieving a victory you deserve; our customization software will reward your planning and organizing mind, while our headsets will make sure your ears receive the right input and our power supply units will make sure your gaming rig gets all the fuel it needs. Everything has been designed to remove all limits to your skill: our creed is that in gaming the only restrictions should be those of your mind and body, not those of your gear.”

Currently, the range of gaming products we create includes gaming mice, keyboards, headsets, cases, power supply units, cooling, and related accessories. A complete range of first-quality products for the serious gamer.

Are you ready to join us?


Now let us see what this Havoc BT Headset is all about! You can buy the Cougar Havoc BT Wireless In-Ear Gaming Headset for around USD $49 from Amazon –


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