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Cougar Phontum Gaming Headset Review

Conclusion and Verdict

In, conclusion the Phontums large 53mm drivers deliver a full, rich soundscape. I am always a fan of larger drivers. Goes with the saying the bigger the better. If I had to choose between a 6 inch sub-woofer or a 12 inch sub-woofer, I’m going with the 12 all day.

I like it loud and reliable. and the Phontum gets loud and delivers consistent bass that doesn’t break down at high volumes. You also have the option to switch out the earpads to meet your particular demands. The microphone isn’t anything special but gets the job done. I mean what more do you expect from a headset that sets you back only 49 bucks. No complaints at all from this Headset.

The COUGAR Phontum can be found on Amazon and other various e-tailers for around $49 USD.


  • 53mm Drivers
  • Graphene Diaphrams
  • Comfort
  • Compatibilty
  • Price


  • None


Final thoughts:

Cougar has brought us a very affordable headset that puts out a massive sound through the 53mm Drivers! The Phontum has the potential to reach very high volumes so be careful you don’t blow your ear drums out!




You can buy the Cougar Phontum Gaming Headset for only USD $49 from Amazon –


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