DRACCO Captain Tt eSports Gaming Headset Review


I’ve never heard of “White-Ra,” the gamer this particular headset’s namesake is based on, but audio equipment is something I can really appreciate.  I love good sound, particularly in movies and video games, because really the music and atmosphere, as well as foley and SFX assets add so much to the experience that it’s simply a crime against your senses not to indulge in the “good stuff.”  

So today, we’re going to take the DRACCO through a few tests and see if it can count itself among the ranks of the “good stuff.”

As was mentioned by other reviewers of this field, headsets and headphones are practically commonplace these days, what with all the smartphones, gaming consoles, tablets, and, naturally, PCs.  

They have a specific purpose, however, because not everyone truly needs headphones, much less a headset, and that purpose is primarily privacy, immersion, and convenience.  

After all, I don’t need to tell most of you how annoying it can be to have to turn your volume down so as not to disturb your roommates or family members, or use a stand microphone unless you’re big into media production, in which case you can disregard that last statement. 


Anyway, the DRACCO Captain headset promises us something special, so let’s dive in and see if it delivers. Thermaltake has been on our radar for a good while now, as I’m sure is evident based on certain of our case reviews.


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