Genius GX Gaming Headset HS-G680 Review

Today we will be covering the GX Gaming Headset HS-G680 from Genius. For the most part, the Genius products are primarily featured on Amazon. They also do have a website that shows off the products in a little more detail. Genius isnt considered top of the line in the audio world but I have been reading some encouraging feedback about their products. For the majority of us we want a headset that is comfortable and doesn’t crackle when we turn up t he sound. First off I like the headband style of the G680 reminds me of my favorite headset to date. SteelSeries made a headset with this style and they where the most comfortable I have ever worn.  We at FunkyKit, have covered Genius products in the past and have had a great time doing so. I am excited to see what they have to offer with the HS-G680!

Wherever battles take you, the GX Gming Headset HS-G680 will always be your best companion when fighting. HS-G680 helps gamers to focus on the game and judge the direction of enemies and be ultimately invincible in every game. Featured with fire red and Black to bring out gamers’ aggressiveness, the HS-G680 offers solid and impressive audio quality. This lightweight, good-looking and durable headset will definitely bring excitement into your games.


I would like to thank Genius for providing this review sample! Let us see what they have to say about themselves on their website:


Genius is a leading international brand in computer and mobile peripherals. The Genius brand was created by KYE Systems Corp, a Taiwan-based company, in 1985 introducing its first mouse product. Since then the brand has expanded in providing other personal peripherals connecting people with the digital world.

Focused on quality, convenience and ease to use, Genius designs computer mice, keyboards, touch pens, headsets, speaker, webcams, and gaming devices to provide people with better user experience and with the best value for money peripherals in the mobile, living and business environments.

With products sold and used by many people around the world for over 30 years, Genius not only is responsible to deliver, meet and exceed people’s expectation on products but we also bear social responsibility to incorporate environmental friendly design into products. It is these responsibilities that drive our on-going design and engineering teams to continually incorporate user experience feedback for better quality, more convenience, and easier to use products with the best value for money peripherals of its class.


Now let us see what this Genius GX Gaming Headset HS-G680 is all about!

You can buy the Genius GX Gaming Headset HS-G680 for around USD $59.00 from Amazon –


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