Gigabyte Aorus H5 Gaming Headset Review

Thanks to Gigabyte, we’ll be taking a look at their Aorus H5 Gaming headset. This headset features a pair of 50mm Beryllium metal drivers, a detachable and bendable microphone, RGB Fusion-16.7M customizable lighting, in-line sound controls, flexible head band, and large ear-cups for comfortable wear.



As far as gaming accessories are concerned, Gigabyte isn’t exactly synonymous with gaming. Brands like Steeleseries, Razer, TTesports and Logitech are more likely to be the choice for these hardcore gamers. However having said that, Gigabyte is no beginner in this game either. Over the past 2 years they’ve been pushing their AORUS brand with some, if not limited success. Gigabyte’s AORUS products are designed specifically for the gaming market… from keyboards and mice to gaming motherboards and graphic cards.

Let’s take a closer look and see whether this gaming headset really delivers, in terms of comfort and audio quality.





  • 50mm Beryllium metal drivers
  • RGB Fusion-16.7M customizable lighting
  • Detachable and Bendable Microphone
  • Wearing comfort for prolonged gaming
  • In-line sound controls




  • Type – Headphone : STEREO
    Microphone : Unidirectional
  • Driver Diameter
    Headphone : 50mm
    Microphone : 4*2mm
  • Impedance
    Headphone : 32Ω
    Microphone : 2.2KΩ
  • Frequency Response
    Headphone : 20Hz~20KHz
    Microphone : 100Hz~10KHz
  • Sensitivity
    Headphone : 100 ± 3dB at 1KHz
    Microphone : -44 ± 3dB at 1KHz
  • Cable Length: 3m
  • Weight: 285g±10g (exclude cable)
  • Connector Type
    3.5mm/ 3 ring Mic
    3.5mm /3 ring Audio
You can download the Aorus Graphics Engine via Gigabyte’s website.


The Box and Packaging

Nothing to special here. Just your usual box and packaging. The main selling points are listed … 50mm drivers, Stereo, and RGB Fusion.


The Aorus H5 Gaming Headset

The headset was surprisingly light-weight, weighing in at only 285g. The large 50mm driver is evident from the start, with large yet comfortable over the ear ear-cups. It also includes a stretchable head band and should provide comfortable wear over long periods of gaming.


A Closer Look

The socket for the detachable and bendable microphone is located on the left ear cup. For connectivity, there’s the standard 3.5mm jack for headphone and mic, as well as USB for the RGB Fusion. The inline audio controls allow volume adjustments and mute (mic on/off). 


Aorus Graphics Engine

In order to control the RGB effects of the Aorus H5, you must first download the Aorus Graphics Engine from Gigabyte’s website. This software not only controls the RGB feature on their graphic cards, but also the Aorus H5 gaming headset.

The software allows a range of effects including … breathing, consistent, flashing, dual flashing and circling. You can select preset colours or use the slider to choose upto 16.7 million colours! You can also select speed and brightness of the RGB effects.


Audio Quality – Music

I listen to Spotify all the time. Although the tracks available may not offer the best audio bitrate due to streaming, still it’s good enough for me, and I can tell you the sound reproduction from the Aorus H5 is crisp and clear, with good bass. Just don’t expect Sennheiser quality OK. The detachable microphone is a good idea, as you can remove it and just the Aorus H5 as a normal pair of headphones … although I do prefer a “retractable” microphone as found on most Steelseries headset.


Audio Quality – Gaming

For gaming, the large 50mm Beryllium metal drivers, again produced crisp and clear, with good bass. I used it for some of our podcasts, and they worked great. The microphone captured my voice quite clearly and I was able to comfortably wear them for several hours. However, my ears did get a little sweaty hahaha.

All-in-all, I’m pretty pleased with the Aorus H5 gaming headset. 



Final thoughts

This is our first experience of a gaming headset from Gigabyte, and pleased to say … I’m pretty impressed. Build quality is very good, it’s light-weight and feels pretty solid (ruggedness required for most gamers :P). The large 50mm Beryllium metal drivers produces decent sound for both gaming and audio listening. While the RGB fusion give gamers something to add to their gaming experience. Costing only USD $69.99, the Aorus H5 gaming headset is definitely worth taking a look if you’re an avid gamer or just a normal user. It’s available to buy from most retail store … click on the Amazon link below.



  • 50mm Beryllium metal drivers produces decent audio/sound quality
  • RGB Fusion-16.7M customizable lighting
  • Detachable and Bendable Microphone
  • Large over ear earcups
  • In-line sound controls


  • If you don’t like 3.5mm connectors, the Aorus H5 isn’t for you.




You can buy the Gigabyte Aorus H5 gaming headset for around USD $69.99  from Amazon –


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