Ozone EKHO H80 Gaming Headset Review

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The Ozone EKHO H80 gaming headset really stands out in its high level of comfort. Don’t be fooled in the design of the headset and its thick headband, it is surprisingly lightweight, and sits on your head super comfortably even during those long gaming sessions. At one point after an hour of using the EKHO H80, I had forgot I had it on; I didn’t feel as if my head was in a vice or a heavy weight on my head. Really top marks here for comfort.



The EKHO H80 is the second most expensive gaming headset from Ozone, but still it is priced cheaper than many of its competitors, and in comparison the sound quality from this headset still holds up well against those that costs more. My only gripe is that I would prefer a more punchier bass, but thats up to an individual’s preference.


The RGB side of the headset has been done right, no need for glaring in-you-face illuminations, just subtle glows from each earcup and the inline remote control. Set the illumination to blue, and you get a ‘Tron’ style effect. For those die-hard RGB fans out they might find that even though they have several millions of colours to choose from, there is a slight lack of lighting effects on offer.

Overall I liked the Ozone EKHO H80 gaming headset, its just no fuss and you will definitely appreciate the comfort. 


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