Sound Intone I60 Headphones Review


Today we will be reviewing the I60 headphones from Sound Intone. Producing budget headphones, Sound Intone is a company based in Shenzhen, China, specializing in manufacturing of all types of headphones, from earbuds to gaming headsets.

Sound Intone


Shenzhen COOSII Technology深圳市柯思科技有限公司) – by a group of people who have strong faith and belief, aim to build a high-tech audio hardware technology enterprise. The company has been founded since 2011, COOSII Technology (柯思科技)adheres to “fashion trend, sharp quality” products concept, the constant pursuit of high-quality audio products and optimizes the manufacturing supply chain, and we have made a number of audio exclusive technologies. We have designed 200 different styles of audio hardware products for well-known brands in domestic and abroad, which are highly recognized by the market.

Currently, COOSII Technology (柯思科技)has progressive product development team; experienced visual design team and production team with efficient and effective technical cooperation. Everyone in COOSII Technology (柯思科技)has different division of work, we all have a same belief: build a “fashion trend, sharp quality” audio products.


Sound Intone


Faith may have or not. Faith, can go-ahead or retreat – most hardware technology companies in China have default and acquiescence for it. So, product quality can be compromised for commercial profit, product design can be compromised for mass market. COOSII Technology(柯思科技), the opposite, we have faith, no compromise.

In January 2012, COOSII Technology(柯思科技) created the “SOUND INTONE” and “AILIHEN” two brands, COOSII want to completely integrated our initial belief “sharp quality” into the brands and products, making it have a more pure taste, weathering the test of time and market.” SOUND INTONE “and AILIHEN” have become “traitor” and “loners” in headphones and other audio hardware fields, perhaps thorns all the way, but this time COOSII choose to carry on.


COOSII Technology(柯思科技), when we have ever felt lost and helpless, fortunately, we heard the clearest and most limpid sound, this sound is from the bottom of heart and faith. It helps us to firm our faith and adhere it, just hope more and more people can hear this voice.


Sound Intone I60 Headphones

The I60 headphones is a wired over-ear mid-range set of headphones from Sound Intone. Coming in a range of colors, the I60 only retails for US$17.98 from Amazon, but is sound quality really dependent on the price you pay for a pair of headphones?



  1. Rotating and folding design,easy to carry and save spaces, adjustable stretching.
  2. Super soft and elastic memory ear-pad, comfortable for wearing,noise-isolation perfectly.
  3. High tenacity eco-friendly plastic outer shell.advanced-braised nylon wire.
  4. HIFI strong low bass speaker,excellent three frequency resolution, perfect sound effect.
  5. Smart In-line mic with remote control and with universal switch for all 3.5mm jack devices.




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