Tribit XFree Color Wireless Earphones Review

Great earphones at a great price.


Final Verdict

Tribit did it again! They made an amazing product at an amazing price.

I really like these earphones they look great I honestly wouldn’t mind wearing them in public and in spite of the weaker bass they really do sound great and feel extremely comfortable for long peroids of time. These are some of the best earphones I’ve used at around $30 USD (Some colors cost $35 on Amazon right now) so if you need a new pair of wireless earphones for exercising or just to wear around town you should definitely give these a try.

Overall I rate the Tribit XFree Color earphones a 4.5/5, the only reason they don’t get a perfect 5 is the bass but other than that I really have no other complaints with these earphones and they sound way better than most $30 wireless earphones so they’re a great value too!

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