Crucial BX100 500GB SATA SSD Review

Today we wish to present Crucial’s lower series SSD – BX100. This SSD had its premiere couple of week ago but we had no chance to test it earlier and it’s for sure interesting product.

Budget SSD series like BX100 are usually hidden in the shadow of higher performance series like recently reviewed Crucial MX200 but for sure are good option for all who don’t want to spend much money and still want to enjoy much faster storage than a mechanical hard drives.

Now let’s take a look at 500GB version of Crucial BX100 SATA SSD. I hope our review will help you to make a decision during next purchase of SSD.


Crucial BX100 pht1

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Boot up almost instantly. Load programs in seconds. And accelerate demanding applications with ease. It all starts with ditching your hard drive.

The storage revolution that started in 2008 with our first SSD continues with the new Crucial® BX100. Engineered to outperform a hard drive and deliver cost-effective performance, the Crucial BX100 leverages advanced flash memory technology and moves your computer beyond the outdated storage limitations of spinning discs.

By transmitting data in a digital manner rather than having to seek it out on a spinning platter, the Crucial BX100 makes nearly everything on your computer faster and more efficient.


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Micron® quality – a higher level of reliability.

As a brand of Micron, one of the largest flash storage manufacturers in the world, the Crucial BX100 is backed by the same quality and innovation that has produced some of the world’s most advanced memory and storage technologies. With over a thousand hours of prerelease validation testing and hundreds of SSD qualification tests, the Crucial BX100 has been thoroughly tried, tested, and proven. You’ll notice the difference.



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